buel fest

nov. 1–7 twitch.tv/guywith_dog the annual dog–based urlfest

BUELFEST is an online music festival running from Nov. 1st to Nov. 7th, benefiting mutual aid for children in need of autism service dogs and — starting this year — several charities and mutual aid funds in support of Palestinians. It centers around my autism service dog Bueller; it starts on his birthday and every set has an audio clip of him somewhere in it. Last year (the first time this event happened) we raised over $1000, and we hope for even more this time around. This year, we're raising money for the training of a dog owned by a member of our community!

You can sign up as a performer and/or sign up as a visual artist. You can also email me at buelfest at guy with dot dog or contact me via any method on my website. The event will take place on the twitch channel, with sets due October 1st. For more information on set rules and how you can help, join the discord server.

Read more about what you can and should be doing to stop the Palestinian genocide here.

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